Delhi Borders Reopen, No Prasad in Temples: Amid Sharp Rise in Coronavirus Cases, India All Set for Unlock 1.0

The new phase is especially challenging for the five worst affected states, accounting for nearly 70 per cent of the total coronavirus cases, and nearly 78 per cent of the deaths. New Delhi: A token system for regulated entry and no physical offerings like 'prasad' at temples will be some of the norms as shopping malls,... Continue Reading →

Why Indians Don’t Come Out on the Streets Against Regular Police Brutality

In the middle of a pandemic and lockdown, tens of thousands of Americans have stormed the streets of cities to protest against the killing of George Floyd by the police in Minnesota. Discarding rules for social distancing and home quarantine, they have marched in solidarity – black, white, Asian and others – to register their anger and... Continue Reading →

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